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Washington Crossing is one of America’s most revered historic landmarks
that inspired the formation of two parks that flank the shores
of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It was here,
against all odds, on Christmas evening in 1776, that General George Washington
and his Continental Army crossed the ice-chocked Delaware in the middle of a driving snow storm to attack the British-Hessian garrison in Trenton, NJ—
turning the tide of the American Revolution.
Explore this stirring American story known around the world illustrated
with many never-before-seen images of both parks
and the people who worked to create them.
Included is iconic imagery of the 1776 crossing with an expose’ Emanuel Leutze’s 1851 masterpiece, Washington Crossing the Delaware, as well as fascinating photographs of the reenactments that continue to the present-day.


About the Authors:

Robert W. Sands Jr. holds a MA in museum professions from Seton Hall University.
He is the author of three Arcadia Publishing books: Glassboro, Woodbury,
and Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
Patricia E. Millen holds a BS in American Studies.
An author of two books, including Baseball and the Civil War
and numerous published articles, she began her career at the New Jersey Park.
Both authors have worked in museums and historical societies across the tri-state area
and are available for illustrated lectures and books signings.

For more information on lectures, book signings and sales, contact the authors below:
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