Images of America, Washington Crossing


“Growing up in Washington Crossing has steeped me in tales of the bravery and sacrifice carried out here in 1776, but this book—full of image after image of the people who have been steadfastly working to preserve the history and the natural beauty of this site—has been a little overwhelming and very inspiring. Seeing the names and faces of so many friends, colleagues and neighbors, side by side with local legends, makes me appreciate the simple yet formidable power of community. The effect has been to make me feel ever more inspired to protect and celebrate this place.”

Annette Earling, President, Washington Crossing Park Association

* * *
WASHINGTON CROSSING gathers excellent images from a range of sources,
old and new, on both sides of the Delaware. The authors have done a great favor to researchers and readers near and far.”

Bonita Craft Grant, Archivist, Hopewell Valley Historical Society

Christmas Crossing Reenactment 2021. Photo by Patricia Millen.